13 Autoresponder Email Tips

These 13 Autoresponder Email Tips are related to how I use my autoresponder for my site visitors, and how I best serve my readers. I use Aweber as my autoresponder service. You can find out more about Aweber at http://www.forwardsteps.com.au/RecommendsAweber.html

Several things that I have found effective for my emailing lists, are the following. This is a very old list of ideas and I might have changed much of what I do now. Yet, simply reading through them, might still give you some “food for thought” with regard your own emails to your subscribers and how to best support them.

1. I use this “example text” at the top of the confirmation email…

Thanks for requesting your weekly Science Of Getting Rich audio email.
To start receiving those, and a ‘Special Gifts’ link from me, please…
*** Click The Link Below ***
As promised, you’ll have the SOGR audio link and a quote sent, weekly.

2. These are my confirmation success & already subscribed pages:

3. I am using this page as my thank you page:

4. At the beginning of each message, include something like this example:

Hello again {!firstname_fix},
A month ago, you asked to receive my emails, at ForwardSteps.com.au,
and you also received a copy of my ‘Time Abundance’ free ebook?
In my first message to you, I let you know that I would be sending
a brief email each month, to stay in touch. This is one of those.

5. Here is an “example ending” that I include at the bottom of each email message (this is set up in the Global Fields area):
NEWS FLASH! If you don’t like the look of the cheques that you currently receive, why not
write your own? Place your personal Wealth Attraction Abundance Cheque in a prominent
position where you will see it every day. The script will automatically generate the check.

Keep stepping forward,

Thea Westra


Check here, for your updated free gifts

Add more wings, to your own life journey

What’s new today, on your daily calendar

Contact/Support, and more handy information

6. I have created many give-away items for site visitors to receive. I found that it helps to build my readership much faster. For example:


7. I add opt in forms to every one of my web pages, wherever I can. The more the merrier! Recently I have found that having an opt-in at top and bottom of a page (when it suits to do so), works yet better. The one at top of page gets greater conversion results than at bottom of a web page. Examples include:


8. Adding an image to an opt-in form also seems to increase conversion rates. For example, the form at the end of this page: http://www.forwardsteps.com.au/ForwardStepsSocialSites.html

9. If I notice an unsubscribe, and they have bothered to write a reason for their need to unsubscribe, then I will often take a little time to send them a brief “thank you” reply. A couple of people to whom I replied have since resubscribed, and even become personal, online buddies. An example reply is:
Subscriber comment:
Too many emails from too many places; literally cannot keep up with them all.
My quick response:
No problem, [her name]. I can relate to that. For that reason, I opened a Gmail account and can filter my priority mails really well. Took a bit of initial setting up. 🙂 Have a top week, and drop by the site occasionally.
Subscriber’s reply:
Wow, thanks for the reply…I’ll bookmark your site. Cheers, [her name]

10. Creating handy pages for my readers and placing those in the global ending of emails (see tip #5 above), and see this page, for example: http://www.forwardsteps.com.au/SubscriptionCancel.htm

11. Always come from a perspective that readers get hundreds of emails every day, and that they forget what they have opted to receive. Place identifiers at every point you can. At top of the unsubscribe page I always have my banner: http://www.forwardsteps.com.au/images/aweberheadingapr09.png

12. For all my messages I use the same subject header for each email, and the same from email address, to support my readers if they want to filter regular mails into a special tag or label at their in-box, for example:
{!firstname_fix}, #1 Weekly SOGR Quote And Audio Reminder
{!firstname_fix}, #2 Weekly SOGR Quote And Audio Reminder
{!firstname_fix}, #3 Weekly SOGR Quote And Audio Reminder

13. The frequency of emails is in each subject line, in each email introduction line, and in the unsubscribe page descriptions for my email series:
Description: Forward Steps (Weekly Video)
From Address: Forward Steps (VideoWkly)

I hope that these few tips, ideas and examples will help your autoresponder use, and give some ideas with regard increased subscriber numbers, causing fewer unsubscribers, and definitely less spam button hits, etc. Several of these tips I have only just recently implemented, and the results are definitely, already beginning to show. For my subscribers, it is very clear where emails originate, where they subscribed and who sent each email received, plus the frequency of mail. You are welcome to “steal” my ideas.

Contact me if you have questions: http://www.forwardsteps.info/contact