Products And Programs Recommended by Thea Westra – Day 24


Over the years, I have recommended many and varied online self improvement programs, personal development products, author’s books, and internet business tools.

Naturally, if those products that I’d recommend carried an affiliate partnership, I would choose to use an affiliate link if it were offered. It would be very silly for me not to do that.

The fact that an item may be delivered via an affiliate link, does not mean that it was presented to you because of a joint venture partnership. I was definitely impressed by the product first, and after exploring it fully, I would seek their affiliate opportunity and sign up.

Here, I will be adding links for directing you to those kinds of resources, so that you can go through each of them at leisure. You can then decide for yourself if they may be beneficial to you, personally.

Many of these I have bought, and experienced first hand. Others were recommended to me by someone I trust, and who may have used it themselves. Others yet, I may simply have stumbled across, and I liked what I saw. Lastly, it might be that I know the author personally, or got to know them over time, and I completely trust 100% what they deliver.

If an Affiliate Referral link was offered, then I will include that on this page as well. You too, might like to recommend that particular product to your mail lists, or to friends.

Keep returning to this page, because I will continue to add more, as I find them throughout the many pages of my Forward Steps site. You can also add your Comments about your personal experiences with any of these, or with your own product recommendations, for other Members to see.

I will NOT be prolific with adding content to this section. I’ll only be adding my very best of the best! 🙂

Here is the first one, with a free self growth gift for any of you who are not yet logged in.

  • A Bug Free Mind offers Andy Shaw’s Starter Kit including: his world-famous “No-Mind Exercise”, the “ABC Guide to a Legendary Life”, a step-by step guide to “Tap the Magical Power of Your Subconscious On Demand”, and more. – Product LinkAffiliate