Benefits For Paid Members Of My Forward Steps – Day 1

I am working on increasing the number of benefits for paid Members of My Forward Steps. At this time, there is a short list already available and you can see those listed below.

Some people are free Members because Sept/Oct 2009 I offered a free Membership to my Forward Steps subscribers. If you are one of those then you can upgrade and take advantage of Paid Member benefits. Just remember to use the same email address as you used for your free registration, and this way things won’t get confused in the back-room for me. You can change the email address once you’re back inside! 🙂

‘Paid Member’ Benefits That Are Already Available…

Receive a monthly Chapter release of Thea’s Time For My Life book, beginning in your second month of Paid Membership.
At the end of 12-months Membership, I send you the full download version and the book is yours to keep!

Paid Members have an opportunity to add themselves to this Featured Members page. Go to that page to read the information you’ll need for including yourself in that special group of people.

Paid Members can add themselves to the line-up of audio testimonials at the My Forward Steps ‘Info’ page. Send me your image and main web URL (using the Member contact form), then dial USA tel (512) 827-0505 & extension 1873 to record. Alternatively, you can use an audio recorder and send me a 1-5 min. MP3 file.

Paid Members can add their personal or business, news flash items about themselves at the News page. Use the Paid Members contact form, and select the “I Have A News Item” option from the Contact Form’s drop down menu.

As a paid Member you have priority access to me, for any questions and anytime. Just hop over to the Contact page. Use the Paid Members contact form that you’ll see after logging in, and select your subject from the Contact Form’s drop down menu.

At the end of one year of Membership you can apply to be a contributor at the My forward Steps site. You can then post your own pages for other Members to read. Find out more about this at the My Forward Steps Contributor page.

You are given priority when I create gift pages like these, because I am limiting the number of those page I build. So as a Paid Member you will never be cut out and will have immediate access to me creating one of those for you.