Creating Momentum For Your Goals – Day 199


During April I participated in the Self Improvement Summit 2010 and was interviewed about Creating Momentum For Your Goals.

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A little further down the track, I’ll also be adding notes of all the things I mention during my session.

As part of my Summit session, I answered questions such as…

  • With what do many of us struggle, when it comes to traction and forward movement in personal goals?
  • How do we get past some of those roadblocks?
  • What are some things we can do to increase personal momentum in our goals?
  • Why do we so often fail?
  • What ideas can you give about moving beyond those challenges?
  • What can I do when I catch myself losing steam?
  • What actions are the best and most necessary, result-producing that I can take?
  • If I find myself in a place of really want to kick things along in a much bigger way, what boosters would you suggest?
  • What can I set up right now, today, to improve my continued focus and sustained action?

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