Daily Success Habit Tips – Day 248


This is an article that I had written some time ago. It has a few of my daily success habit tips that have contributed to my own success…

Read, read, read! I could not begin to tell you how many personal development books, articles, blogs and sites that I have read. I love to keep up with the latest. Information being disseminated is prolific and the personal growth ‘conversation’ is growing exponentially.

Stay in communication. Each day I am connected with others who are in the personal growth world. We find things out from each other and share each others’ experiences.

“Learn from the mistakes of others, you can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” -John Luther

Participate in programs. Since the 1990’s through to today I have been on many personal or business development program weekends such as Landmark Education, Anthony Robbins, Christopher Howard, various one-hour or half day programs, evenings led by a very diverse range of people such as Jim Rohn, Brad Sugars, Mal Emery.

Take consistent action. Never, ever give up. Do what you love to do and do it daily. I love to share resources and personal growth tips with others. My daily internet activities reflect that. Whenever I find something useful, I share it with others. Sharing knowledge is what expands an empowered environment for us all to grow.

Develop clarity. Get more and more clear on what I want for my life and what I want my life to be about. Sharing these kinds of posts with others helps to get me more clear about what I love and what I want to contribute. I constantly search for the ‘footprint’ I want to leave on Earth and move toward that direction, daily.

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