Article: A Brand New Year Can Begin Any Day – Day 276


As we are approaching the end of another year and the beginning of a new year, it often appears to me that many of us may falsely believe that something magical will change our lives overnight, at the clock strike of midnight. We do similar things with birthdays and anniversary dates, or when we begin new jobs or relationships.

You hear so many saying it around us; “I can’t wait for the end of this year” “Things will be much better in the new year.” “Next year I’m going to …” “Once we get this year out of the way…” “Next year will be…” Once I leave this job, I’m going to…” “My next relationship will be…”, and so on.

Honestly, you only ever have the one moment, that is this moment and now! If you have decided on something that you want for yourself, your life or the lives of those for whom you care, then the time to begin it is now.

It does all sound like clichés and a bunch of words you have heard many times over. Why do you believe you are hearing them many times over? What day will you take these words and live them? We know that they are the way forward.

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