Article: The Like Attracts Like Attraction Factor – Day 276


If like attracts like, then what do you see surrounding you at this time? Someone once said to me, if you want to know to what you’re committed, just take a look around you. They are words I have never forgotten, and they can raise my spirit, or other times can leave me a little flat. Depending on how I interpret my surroundings in the moment.

Another suggestion, associated with the like attracts like phenomenon, is that of giving more love if love is what you are seeking, generosity when wealth is what you are after, being a great friend if you value your friendships. This removes you from a wanting or needy state, and back to where creative responsibility truly lies: with you.

We all know these to be truths, when we observe our lives, yet do we consciously take them on board as a way of living, and as path to achieving the things we want to accomplish? It is logical that if you want to live with greater awareness and live in a more enlightened way, then be mindful to envelop yourself with those things that support keeping you in a state of awareness and enlightenment.

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