Article: You Are Alive And You Are Learning – Day 276


We all know the clichés of, life is a learning process and if you are alive you are learning. There is truth in that, naturally. If we are living then we are learning. Yet the next question you may want to ask yourself is, is that learning achieved consciously or subconsciously? Are you choosing what you are learning, and do you have choice in the matter with what you learn?

Personal development, self-growth, self-improvement, self-help and any of those other popular terms used in the realm of expansion of your experience in life, are really all about that second question. Are you conscious of the choices you make?

When we take on specific classes or training programs, read books or articles, listen to audios, or watch videos related to personal development, we may believe that we are learning. Gaining knowledge is not necessarily learning. Yet in our modern times we have come to equate the two.

When I was teaching, at particular intervals during a school year, I would monitor student progress by way of tests. Personally, I felt it very important to truly gauge whether students could practically apply newly learned concepts. A variety of scenarios would be presented to them in a context of problem solving. I could then observe if they had a handle on newly presented material, formulas or methods.

Life throws us tests and it is not until we are in the middle of a personal experience that calls for us to be more, that we can see how far we have truly evolved. If you think you are enlightened then spent a few days living with your parents. There is nothing like going back to the places of your youth to notice how far you have come.

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