Article: 20 Time Tips And Beliefs About Time – Day 276


Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or rushed, check-in with your personal perception and experience of ‘reality’.

It might be useful to remember that our calendars and clocks are man-made; therefore these can also be ‘man-unmade’.

The fact is, our globe moves around the sun and tilts on its axis to give us light or dark moments, depending where we are on the globe.

Who has put the pressure on you? What are you thinking that has put you in that state? What new ‘rules’ about time could you take on board to change your current experience of reality?

When the clock on your wall says 10:00AM and you have something due to be presented to another person at 11:00AM you may feel less relaxed about the activity and produce a lower quality product than if you believed you had an abundance of time and only focused on the task.

Believing the latter, and focusing on producing a good quality product may even find you finishing the task ahead of time and find yourself pleased with the end product.

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