Article: Powerful Self Expression – Day 276

The power of language, and its workings on my sub-conscious mind, never ceases to amaze me. Words have feelings and emotions attached to them, by our association.

When I say the word MOTHER, every single one of you experienced a different feeling and emotion. Your subconscious received that communicated word, via your emotions and feelings. We often believe that it is the actual words producing a particular state, when in fact it is our associative perceptions of those words that communicate.

Recently, I was watching a program about Louise Hay. One of the guest experts in that program mentioned that, in personal growth circles, we are often asked to declare what we want for ourselves and express that as an affirmation e.g. I WANT A NEW HOUSE.

In using an affirmation beginning with the words I WANT, you are actually expressing it as a WANT, and your subconscious will be set to a wanting state of mind in relation to that thing.

Consider using the words I CHOOSE, to begin each affirmative statement. For example, I choose to have a new house. Your subconscious will be more receptive to the idea, and it also causes you to be more pro-active in the process, instead of sitting on a mountain top waiting for some external source to bring you items from a wish-list.

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