Article: The Right Mindset For Success In Business – Day 276


The first step is belief and trust in yourself, and know yourself as someone who provides value to others by way of the services or products you provide. The best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others. That is the only way you will be 100% committed to what you are creating – 95% commitment or less can become very difficult over time, however 100% commitment puts you in “the zone”. With 100% commitment you will continue your work, no matter what may block the path.

Clarity, being clear, is essential. Have a crystal clear mental image of what you want to create and feel a genuine passion for that. Simplification of, and a singular focus on, my goals is my personal theme for 2007. If you’re not thrilled by what you’re doing, you need to create a bigger goal that encompasses your personal legacy.

Something that I discovered long ago, with other projects, is that you don’t have to get it right; you just have to get it going. You honestly will find what you need, along the journey.

Whenever I see some of my earlier monthly newsletters, I cringe a little. However, I needed to go through the process to get to where I am with the production of my e-zine materials today. In future, I’m certain that they might have me cringing too. If not, then I’m not growing. That is the upside of experimentation – I grow as a person within the process. This in turn gives me experience that I can share with others which adds another valuable commodity to my business services.

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