Article: Celebrate You! – Day 276


With all the cloning going on these days, we seem to have disengaged with our individual traits and personal qualities. Wouldn’t it be nice, to get back in touch with our own source and express a little of that?

You truly are unique, there is only one of you and when you consider the uniqueness of your teensy body cells, individual thoughts, dna, memories, talents, people, and all the things or places that only you have viewed, experienced, been, felt, smelled, heard, tasted – ‘you’ would be extremely difficult to duplicate.

How about declaring a ‘you’ day, just because you can? You could celebrate it in reality and invite friends to participate, or you could post your ideas for your day on a blog, alternatively, you could simply imagine such a day. Whatever way you choose to celebrate it, I would recommend to at very least plan the day as you would a vacation or a party. Get it all down on paper or a display. I’m sure it will be something that will raise your energy each time you remember it or see the display.

Here are a few initial ideas for my party on International Thea Day.

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