Article: Creating Space for the New – Day 276


The scarcity (Scare City) conversation going on in your head causes you to hang onto those old clothes in the wardrobe or the three outdated cameras that collect dust in the cupboard. Perhaps you do not yet see that connection however, trust me, they are directly linked.

It is now time to make a little more room to allow for all those wonderful things that you desire.

Get a bigger bookshelf if you want new books, or purge some of those old titles that no longer fit with your new abundance mindset. Weed that garden, you know that every time you drive the car into the drive it drops your energy to see those weeds taking over. Pay your bills on time, every time, and each time you do this, give thanks that you can live a lifestyle that incurs such expenses. Empty those rubbish bins around the house regularly and…yes…have a bin in every room then empty them regularly. Go ahead, unclutter your world…it’s wonderful for the Feng Shui (a scientific discipline based on the analysis of energy)!

How can anything great come into your physical, spiritual or mind space when you keep filling the spaces with all those unnecessary extras? Including, worry, drama, procrastination, physical clutter and negative conversation.

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