Article: Direct Your Thoughts – Day 276


Let’s have a little fun with our machine! You know, that little motor between your ears that drones every day.

With anything that we want to attract to ourselves or into our lives, we need to raise our vibrational level to remain open for receiving, manifesting and creating.

A vital component to keeping our vibrational energy high and to maintain our attractiveness to the things that we desire to manifest is our thoughts. The things that we say to ourselves will either raise our vibrations or have us dragging our feet, resisting effective and efficient actions toward our purpose.

Your daily actions will ever so gradually, habit by habit, begin to move in the direction of what you think about most and yes, without doubt you will cause the physical manifestation of those thoughts in your life.

If you want to know to what you are committed, just look at “what is so” in your life. What exists in your life is in direct correlation with where your thoughts have been.

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