Article: This Year Is Officially Declared A Roaring Success! – Day 276


I have no need to point out what time of year it is. It’s time for us coaches to come out and say to you, “Will you fulfill your intentions for your new year?”

If you have a history of New Year resolutions that do not come to fruition by the end of each year then you may even be about to skip this article and move on to something less challenging!

Let me celebrate with you – our last year was a complete success. We totally produced the results to which we were committed. There is no such thing as “failure”; there is only “feedback”.

What is it that finds us reproducing results or similar outcomes year after year? For me, the words congruency, authenticity, belief, resolution and acceptance, spring to mind. In the moment that a goal is declared, what does the “little voice” say? What is the automatic response of our subconscious? There’s a part of our minds that “knows us” so well that it keeps our “identity” intact and that is in fact, its primary job.

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