Article: Where Are You Going? – Day 276


Are your goals “moving away from” goals or” moving toward” goals? Check in with yourself on this one because one of these is a source of power for consistent action and the other is a source of continued frustration, procrastination and doubt.

When you have a powerful vision of a future that you are designing and you have a passion for wanting to create a particular outcome then not much can stop you from taking action toward your target of intent.

If, on the other hand, your actions are geared more for avoiding something and escaping a particular scenario in your life then you will be weakened in your resolve to continue taking the actions required to fulfill the outcome. There is no clear outcome that you envisage for yourself. You only see the “what’s not” rather than the “what will be”. This cannot be very inspiring.

You could say that you want to go to Europe because you don’t want to get to the end of your life not having traveled. So you hop on a plane and you start moving around Europe. Once you arrive home you see magazine images of places in Europe that you regret not having seen and you feel the need to repeat the journey because the last trip left you unfulfilled in your true desires.

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