Article: Living In The Gap – Day 276


One dilemma, with which I often wrestle, is the low level of trust that I have in the belief of “being” then “doing” to obtain the “having” rather than, so automatically, leaning towards first “doing” then “having” and consequently acquiring the desired state of “being”. How do I live the former, day-by-day and moment-by-moment?

In the very instant that I have an idea for producing a particular, tangible result there is the gap between where I am and where I want to be. Can I enjoy what there is in my current moments when, in the background, there also live my concerns about that gap and all that I see there is to “do”?

The key is clarity about what I want.

From a powerful position of clarity, I can then determine who I would need to “be”, while engaging with current activities, which moves me toward the “doing” and the “having” that I desire.

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