Article: Want Answers? Ask the Right Questions – Day 276


I invite you to be interviewed by me, six years from today. What could be all the tales of adventure, challenge, excitement, fun, courage or accomplishment that you’d have to tell?

I’ll provide you a sneak preview of the draft ‘interview questions script’, giving you plenty of advanced notice and time to prepare:

You have accomplished everything you have set out to be, do and have. What or who was the catalyst for really turning around your current circumstances and had you finally heading in your desired direction? When did you put your intentions to paper? Do you still have a copy of that original? Would you show it to us? What was the first action that you recall as being ‘the one’ that catapulted you headlong into momentum?

What habits or though patterns and beliefs did you take on board? Which ones did you discard? Who were your mentors, who helped you and who held you accountable? More specifically, with what did you ask them to support you?

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