Inspire and Relax the Mind with Images & Music – Day 362


We can all relate to the way we feel when we see a beautiful or extraordinarily skilled piece of art work, and how we respond to the sounds of beautiful music. It is no accident that movies play certain kinds of music in the background of scenes in a film, to shift our emotional state.

I plan to fill this page with gorgeous music along with display of beautiful images. It is a place you can come to escape the noise and fuss of the world around you, for a few moments whenever you feel the need to just chill out and relax a while.

You can also play these in the background while you are working at your computer or other tasks. You can add them to your own YouTube account and create a playlist. After collecting a few of these, I may just build such a playlist for you to access at my own YouTube account.

There is more and more research being developed in the connections between music and the brain. Here are just a few example studies….

Music Moves Brain To Pay Attention, Study Finds
Listening To Pleasant Music Could Help Restore Vision In Stroke Patients, Suggests Study
How Music ‘Moves’ Us: Listeners’ Brains Second-Guess the Composer
Why Musicians Make Us Weep And Computers Don’t
Music Makes Your Brain Happy
Music of the Hemispheres

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This content page may remind you of the Inspiring, Upbeat, Motivating Music page, however this page is designed for the very different purpose of resting your mind and body.

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For anyone who is just passing through and not a Member of My Forward Steps, I’ll leave you with this sample of what’s below the log in. This is one that you’ll likely have often seen…

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