Thea’s Personal Internet, Web & Business Tips – Day 383


Some of you are already engaged in creating an online presence, whether that be for business or for sharing your personal passions with a wider audience.

Often, I am asked questions about ways to increase business exposure or how to expand to a wider audience. Most of you recognize that self improvement is my primary interest, yet I do know that in the process of creating my content, I have learned so much about online operations and have become more creative with dispersing my content that I think it ought to be shared with you too.

I haven’t really collated all my knowledge about those topics, into one book or online resource. Generally I end up sending pieces of advice via email to those who ask for it, and I have also posted tidbits at various blog posts and social media status updates.

My current resources are at these places (most of these you can only access if you are a Member)…


This page houses all my current content, even though information that I have sent in individual emails are not yet included. Eventually I will knit together all my knowledge about expanding an internet presence. I’ll publish it into one cohesive and user friendly product.

From today, when I think of & find helpful information related to internet business, list building practices, search engine optimization and expanding your online presence, I will post my personal web tips at this page.

I’ll be sharing my knowledge and discoveries with you, in the same way that I would share them with online friends who have similar interests. In fact, when I answer questions about these things, I’ll grab the core of content from those emails and put that here for you too.

There won’t be any filtering of any kind, I’ll simply list it here when it comes to me. Please excuse the lack of finesse with display and presentation at this page. This is purely about collecting, sharing and support tips, for growing & promoting web content on the internet.

As well as all my internet, web and business tips (after you log in below), I also recommend to you a very comprehensive package that has already been published for your benefit, at I Create Profits. That program and online profits course has my 200% endorsement! 🙂