5-Minute Procrastination Busters – Day 453


Habits are what make us or break us when it comes to achieving the things we would like to accomplish in life.

Many times it is simply the “getting started” that holds us back, and many of us call this procrastination. I began Forward Steps because I know for certain that taking one single forward step in the direction of your targets has the potential to change everything.

Yet, like a rocket ship just one degree off course, the further it travels the further away it becomes from its target. It is imperative that you be sure that the actions you choose to take actually are headed in your intended direction.

Think about this too… the more efficiently you do ineffective actions, the faster and more efficiently you move away from your intended destination.

So, although I am creating a long list of 5-minute actions to help move you out of a state of procrastination… please be discerning and choose only those actions that point you toward your ultimate goals.

Log In below, and use this list whenever you feel you cannot get into any kind of action. THAT is the real purpose of this mammoth collection of mini-actions, and no other. I’m certain that we all have days when there seems to be so much to do that we’re afraid to even begin, or we cannot even get our mind straight to even begin anything. It’s called “overwhelm”! 🙂

Sometimes just one 5-minute task can get you motivated again and get you sufficiently energized to tackle the things that you know you ought to be attending. Notice too, that not all the listed items are a direct action, and are more a “state of being”. This too can shift your consciousness sufficiently to move you forward on a day when nothing else seems to do that for you!

Remember, do not confuse movement with action, and do not confuse action with progress. Some items on this list may hit exactly the right spot for you with regard your mood or current frame of mind and state. Others of these may be not the right thing for you to be doing at all, and could lead you to further places of distraction and you may use those as a tool for procrastinating even more, with what you really ought to be doing. Choose carefully!

I’ll be returning to this page to edit these so that they serve you better for the task they’re intended. I’ll also change the format in which they are presented so that they are set up in a very user friendly way. I have a few great ideas for them. Meantime, enjoy the list in its “raw state”.

A couple of ideas on how you could use these as they are, in their current format:

Have a bowl with little pieces of folded paper that each have a letter of the alphabet. Draw out a letter and scroll down to the items on the list which begin with your selected alphabet letter. Then choose from those.
Print out the items that you like and cut them up into individual messages. Place them in a container and draw one from the container whenever you need an “action lift”.
Place a selection of items from the list on a dart board, or on a board in “pin the tail on the donkey” style, and then throw a dart to choose the one for that day or, stick a pin on the board while blindfolded and see which one is chosen for you.
Print these each on a card for yourself. Keep the collection of cards, handy at your desk. Shuffle and pick a card when you need a place to start for the day.

It’s a place to start! 🙂