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My Forward Steps Membership offers you a treasure trove, abundant with tips for enrichment, increased life power, self improvement, being inspired, success, plus online business & internet know-how….

Every week you are sent a short message, inviting you to explore and collect what’s new. Your job is to open your mail! 🙂

My Forward Steps provides a full 18-months of content and Members can also choose to remain a Member beyond that initial 18-months of weekly introductions to the 150 new content pages. After the initial 18-months there will be a rotation through all the 80 pages again, letting you know what’s new at those. Members can then revisit all that content for their newest, expanded and updated information.

Naturally, Members can hop in and out of Membership, at will. There is no set Membership period.

This is a place for ‘leisured grazing’ …to collect new thoughts, dreams, ideas, philosophies, possibilities, positives, creatives, tools, software, programs, internet business tips, and a lot more. The content presented at My Forward Steps is never absolute truth. I simply direct you to a variety of ideas that prickle your mind and introduce online resources to better equip you, in life and business.

In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes, “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”.

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I am based in Perth, Australia where quietly and sometimes not so quietly, I snoop around for terrific resources, tools, videos, audios, books and information that will inspire, motivate and empower your personal aspirations. I share things that worked for me and the tools I use.

My purpose is to provide products, programs and tools that inspire and empower you, enabling you to unleash your personal creativity and your unique contribution in life.

Member’s interests are my highest daily priority and have my complete attention. I’m never far away and personally reply to email.

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