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How To Build Your Own Web Site – Day 171


Being able to create your own websites gives you so much freedom if you want to build an online business. There are so many free tools that you can use to do just that.

With a little background knowledge about html codes, java scripts and css codes, you can quickly understand what is going on behind the scenes, even if you do use free web building tools. This enables you to make changes to your sites so that you’re not stuck within the templates provided by free services, and can design your own web site that is more of a personal expression.

On the page, I’m going to show you a few very quick ways that you can get a website up and running within a few hours. I will also be taking you into the tools that I use, how to use them and dropping in some brief videos with neat website and/or blogging tips, as well.

I’ll also be taking you through some of the better tools for various aspects of an online business. As well as videos below, there will be notes to go with the videos if they’re needed. You can refer back to this page often to see latest lessons on video and collect the notes to keep handy.

This content is only available to Paid Members of My Forward Steps. The videos below sometimes take a little time to load. 🙂