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    Know more about Thea Westra by visiting or For more information about My Forward Steps…

    • about My Forward Steps 

      My Forward Steps Membership offers you a treasure trove, abundant with tips for enrichment, increased life power, self improvement, being inspired, success,…

    • about Thea Westra 

      My name is Thea Westra and I help people move forward in their lives. As the author of Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones and the creator of Forward Steps,…

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  • contact 

    Click the following image, where you'll find the BEST way to get in contact with me...

  • Hi! 

    Jump start 2010 with My Forward Steps for enrichment, increased life power, self improvement, being inspired, success, plus online business & internet…

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    A great way to let My Forward Steps visitors know about your books, videos, web sites and self improvement resources.

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