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Computer Security and Maintenance at No Cost – Day 101


Since writing this article about no cost computer security and maintenance, I have got myself an Apple Mac computer. However, because I also have Parallels installed, enabling me to use Windows 7 in conjunction with Mac programs, I still need & use a few of the items that I recommend here.

I have quite a few friends and work colleagues who are only just now, deciding to get online and get themselves a computer. I also had a few friends asking me about their slow computers and telling me how much spam they get, or how many viruses they collect!

I decided to write a quick article so that I wasn’t repeating myself and needing to spend so much time advising those friends. This article and list, I wrote a while ago however I keep it updated so that it remains relevant. Write to me if you need help or have more questions.

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The following items are security tools that I have loaded on my computer, naturally do not take my word for it. It is necessary for me to say that you download all at your own risk, of course. I cannot guarantee how these will operate on your computer nor your level of computer knowledge to be able to use the tools well.

Personally I have found them to be safe, reliable and very user friendly. I do not get any benefit, financial or other, for recommending these to you. It’s just me being helpful! 🙂