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Tips For Affiliate Product Promotion – Day 320


Several of you are interested in promoting other people’s products for a percentage of sale. This is what affiliate product promotion is all about. Yet very many people who begin on this path, do so in a way that damages their long term business reputation, and the reputation of the person who created the product that they promote, or their own.

It is important to think of your internet business in terms of sustainability and longevity, for the good of your name and your business name. Remember the old adage that people buy from people whom they know, like and trust. Based on that, you can clearly see that your first job is to build that background of relationship with potential customers of the products that you recommend or create.

One of the best ways that this can be achieved is by way of building a list of loyal readers with an email list. Your visitors can easily be one-time visitors to your site, and because they aren’t ready to make any purchase on that day – they leave, possibly never to be seen again. Yet they were very likely the kind of people who had interest in your topics. This means that they were well ‘targeted visitors’ who could very well be interested in what you have to offer sometime in the near future. So it is important to stay connected in some way.

At this page I want to share with you a few of the ways that I have successfully attracted the right kind of visitors to my sites and have successfully encouraged them to add their details for future emailed gifts from Forward Steps. This collection of tips for affiliate product promotion is only tip of the iceberg information, however it may trigger a few new ideas/thoughts for your own ventures into the world of affiliate products.

It is also an opportunity to remind you of my own affiliate program for Forward Steps products. You’d think me as silly to not mention my own opportunity at a page of information with a topic like this one! 🙂

One of the very best tips I could give you is to listen to the entirety of the free webinar, here at this page.

If you would like some more of my ‘home-grown tips’ about being an affiliate and promoting your own books/audio-visuals/programs or other people’s products then log in below and dig around. This will be a page to which I’ll return and likely add more ideas for you at a future time. It’s a topic that can definitely be expanded.