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Blogging Tips from Forward Steps – Day 411


Some of you may already have your own blogs, either using Blogger or WordPress. Personally, I now love to use WordPress and yet I still maintain and, fairly regularly, update past Forward Steps blogs from Blogger. The Blogger blogs are the ones with which I started, a while ago.

At this page for you, I’ll mainly focus on WordPress and I’ll list the plugins that I use, as well as other ideas that I use or find. I won’t have too many here to begin with because I’m sending this page to you along with your 70 day My Forward Steps email update for 51 to 60, the latter takes me a while to put together.

I’m also dashing to complete the Holiday Season Calendar, as well as several other gift pages for the holiday season and for my affiliates.

As with all content at My Forward Steps, I return to them, to update, change and add new material. You’re one of the lucky Members who gets to follow my journey as I grow My Forward Steps! 🙂

Your feedback along the way, is always welcome and your input about what you’d like to see more of or less of, is also extremely welcome. I truly want to create a place that has an abundance of magnificent resources that support you with every one of your personal endeavors, and that raise your spirit to keep you stepping forward.

I’ll simply list my WordPress and blogging tips here, in random order, as I find them and as I spot them. Often I have visitors to my blogs who ask how I did something or where a particular tool originated. This page is the place you will find those.

If you have any questions about blogs, blogging, blogging tools or how I created a particular thing at any of my blogs, just ask them below and I’ll provide my responses in the area below, after log in.