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This Will Change Your Life – Day 418

I am placing this particular audio on a page of its own. It is such a powerful talk that it deserves to stand alone.

This is likely an audio to which you will want to return several times over the next year.

Stephen Pierce speaks about how money is an effect, not a cause. He goes into the areas of mind management, the truth about money and taking action. The cause is mind. The effects can be psychological, financial, physical, functional or systemic.

Without a doubt, you will hear things that you have heard before. How about this time, you listen without saying those words in your mind, “I’ve heard this before“? Listen as though you have NEVER heard this, ever before. This will change your life!

To truly benefit from what’s below the log in at this page, you need to set aside a good hour and focus on nothing else except listening to what Stephen has to say.

I know you’ve heard that before, too. Trust me on this one! This IS worth it and this WILL change your life if you truly & finally take this information on board.

If you listen without your usual “mind filters” (the ones that block out familiar information) and if you take on board all that Stephen says, then this audio WILL change your life. In the words of Jim Rohn… ”Things that are easy to do are easy not to do.”

If you walk away with the thought of, “that’s very nice and I already know that” then what will change for you, in the next year of your life?

What you want from life will not be found in, “Is this easy and convenient?”. What will make you great is found in the world of, “Is this worth it?”. Listen as Stephen expands on that conversation, and so much more…

MP3 File

You are more than welcome to download the MP3 and use it wherever you would like. Stephen gave us that permission.

I definitely recommend reading Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect.
Plus, maybe it’s time to re-read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill with renewed perspective.

All resources at this page are loaded with the “things you already know“, yet are they are the ones you apply? Your next year is the year to APPLY!