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Comments By Members At My Forward Steps – Day 1


This is wonderful. You all get to shine at this place!

It’s the page where we all get to read all the comments by Members.

You can easily reply to anyone, by clicking on the Comment header. That will take you straight to their Comment, allowing you to add a reply.

These are not ALL of the available comments, just the latest 20+ comments. New ones are displayed not too long after publication.

I really enjoy reading these, and exploring any good information, videos, audios or resources that you may have discovered. Even if they are your own, they are perfectly fine to include, as long as they give value to all of our lives.

Naturally, I’ll delete blatantly obvious ‘advertising type’ comments. My intention is to maintain a high quality if input for all Members.

When adding your Comments, do your very best to stay with the topic, and to be relatively brief. 🙂 Thank you.