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My Forward Steps Member Mini-Questions – Day 1


Do you have have mini-questions for me – questions that would likely take me only 10-minutes to answer? Then this My Forward Steps Mini Questions location is for you! 🙂

All answers to your questions will be posted on this page and visible after you Log In as a Member.

When I start to receive lots of great questions, then I may consider including a weekly single “question & answer” link, at the bottom of each week’s Member email.

Whenever I post your questions and answers anywhere, your email address and name will not be published and will remain private. You will also not be added to ANY mail lists.

For each mini-question, I’ll respond as much as I am able in a ten-minute time frame.
You will receive your own personal email reply, and my reply will be posted at this page.

If you have questions that are more complicated, need more time for me to answer and you want expanded feedback to your question(s), then you will need to read the information at the Personal Questions And Answers page OR go to my Contact site. I no longer give away my time for free – it isn’t practical for me to do that. 🙂


Responses are posted below the Log In so only ‘My Forward Steps’ Members can read these Q & A’s. You’ll be anonymous, no one will know who asked the posted questions.

If you are a FREE Member at ‘My Forward Steps’ OR if you are a FREE subscriber of Forward Steps emails…

… then please DO NOT ASK for personal coaching or free information for internet tips, etc. If you are NOT a PAYING Member and you want more from me, please READ MY MESSAGE for you, here!

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