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How To Videos With Internet And Web Tips – Day 129


I get so many questions or Members who have repeat issues, and I often find myself showing friends and Members similar solutions. Which means I end up repeating myself.

Sometimes a quick video says more than a thousand words. Plus it will be much easier to direct friends and Members to a video that solves their problem or answers the question more simply.

This page will host a group of “how to” videos for certain repeat problems and also just “how to” videos for internet and web tips that I thought you could find quite useful.

There will be more videos added here, so it’s worth a return visit occasionally. Remember too, to add your comments below and let me know what kind of “how to” videos you would like to see added here. If you have something that you’d like to know how to do, then please let me know and your video topic will be added.

There will be a menu of the videos posted just below, so that you can easily select the ones you want to review. You will only be able to choose from the menu and be taken to the video of your choice, after you LOG IN.

1. Using Gmail For All Your Emails 2. How To Create A Screensaver 3. How To Build Your Own Website – Lesson 1
4. How Thea Created Article Pages At My Forward Steps I’ll be returning soon with more…!

If you have requests for how to do something online, please write to me and I will create a video to add below.
Until then, I think I will simply leave you with the few above, plus Liz or Matt’s videos in the box below login.