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Ten Years In The Future Exercise – Day 439


The exercise on this page is brilliant for getting your mind clear about the direction you want your life to go, and also for establishing goals for yourself. I did the exercise for myself recently and am posting my copy, right here for you to enjoy. You may not share this letter that I wrote, it is only for Members at My Forward Steps to read.

You can use one of these terrific online versions – Ten Years In The Future or Dreaminder, or simply sit down with yourself for a good hour, and start writing.

Make sure that your mind is “empty” and that you’re in a “free flow” kind of space. You really want to come from the most relaxing place you can, and write as best you can, from zero restrictions. Imagine sitting down and writing to your friend, a letter to be delivered in ten years. What would you say?

Remember, this letter is made up by me and is not a real letter that I literally mailed to a friend. I write that because… A while ago, one of my readers wrote angrily to me after they watched my Mind Movie. They said that I was gloating about everything I have and they were not impressed! I needed to explain to them that my Mind Movie was a creative of mine, designed to help me visualize my personal goals! I am glad that we could both laugh about it, once they clearly understood the point of the exercise and its benefits.

This exercise is not just about goal setting. It is a self-exploration exercise because forces you to sit down and ask yourself, “Right! What do I REALLY that I want to create in my life?” 🙂

Log in to read how I answered that very question for myself and Greg. Here is my copy of the letter I wrote yesterday, to my good friend, Liz.