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Interviews With Inspiring People – Day 341


We can learn a lot from listening to people who have already been along the road we might want to travel. This page will host and biographical videos and video interviews with inspiring people who have valuable information to pass on to us. Inspiration is never far away when we choose to look for it.

Sometimes the learning will be in the way that these people think and on what they based decisions. Other learning will be from the information they share with us in the video. Some videos will provide learning to us by getting us thinking about things in a different way than we usually might.

You may simply find inspiration and learning in the work that these people do and hearing how they got to accomplish such great feats, sometimes against incredible odds.

Although many of us might already be very familiar with many of the names and interviews I present at this page, it is possible that I introduce you to teachings and people of whom you have never heard. That would be an added bonus! 🙂

Enjoy the collection that I will build at this page for you. Once you log in you can access all the videos. The videos I choose are not necessarily the best available. What I have tried to do here is to give you something from each person from which you can also glean some new learning for yourself. I have also wanted to be sure that the videos were set in an interview situation, rather than the person in a solo setting and speaking into a camera. LOG IN below, to see many more interviews…

Will Smith

Maxwell Maltz

Eckhart Tolle

Bruce Lee

Return here often whenever you want a boost in inspiration, when you would like to hear about other people’s journey’s to finding success with their own life goals, or if you simply another way to look at things. Remember too, this is not a list of most inspiring people, it is a collection of teaching and inspiration from people who have great messages to help improve our lives and our thinking.