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Just New Here?

Just New Here? Welcome…

You are here because you bought either, a My Forward Steps Membership, the 365 Forward Steps Notes, the 50 Life Power Questions OR the Forward Steps Self Improvement Bundle.

Maybe, you received a FREE bonus gift or, you are a new Forward Steps Affiliate.

Everything You Need To Know will be in an email that has just been sent to you. 🙂 Remember… it is possible that the email might be sent to your Paypal email address.

There will be a couple of emails! One will have your PASSWORD and the other will ask you to click a CONFIRM LINK. Please check for those now.

GO TO YOUR EMAIL INBOX and check for your NEW emails from me. See you inside!



image - step one buttonLOOK for a confirmation email


Did you buy something? Check your Paypal email address inbox.
Did you use Gmail? Look under the “Updates” tab, in your inbox.


image - step two buttonCLICK on its confirmation link



image - step three buttonLOOK for your second email


After confirming, your information/gifts will be sent in your NEXT (second) email.

Don’t see any emails from sender Forward Steps – Thea Westra?

Maybe you had typed the wrong email, or it accidentally went into your spam folder.

Look inside your spam folder, mark it “not spam”, then whitelist the email address.

You can try subscribing again (first wait for 12-hours), you won’t be added twice.

Keep stepping forward,
Thea Westra

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