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My Forward Steps News – Day 1

Sometimes I will have news items that I want to share with you all, yet those news segments don’t need a brand new page or a separate email sent to you.

All of those kinds of news flashes, or snippets of information will be posted here.

Paid Members – you are welcome to send me a “News Flash” that you would like posted below, for other Members to see.

Just go to the Contact page [above] and send me your item. I’ll put it here for you, so that your news can be read by all Members. Use the drop down menu, and select “I Have A News Item”. Please keep it to under 600 words, with no more than 2 links. Or simply post it to the Facebook Group (you’ll see that after you log in below).

News items can be personal, business related, self improvement items, business success sharing, a great recent experience, personal victories. Anything that other Member may like to know about or that would lift us all when finding out about it. Even birthday events, and news about children are great pieces to include. It’s all OK as long as it is positive, feel-good news!

Sad events are definitely OK to be posted here too. Sometimes we have unhappy or disappointing events in our lives, and want to share about it in a safe environment. Particularly as we become more connected with each other at My Forward Steps.

This page is here to enhance our connectedness and get us all to know a little more about each other.

All news items will now be presented in a private Facebook Group. You can click on the link for that My Forward Steps Facebook Group after you LOG IN.

This is the collection of my earliest news items, before I changed everything to podcast format. These can only be accessed by logging in…

20 September 2009 – Time For My Life 28 September 2009 – Rebrand Books 10 October 2009 – Paperback
16 October 2009 – Paypal Mass Pay 26 October 2009 – Two Sizes Of Book 7 November 2009 – Neuroplasticity
24 December 2009 – Pocketbook & Amazon 17 January 2009 – PDF’s & Publishing 2 March 2010 – Mini Site Gifts
21 March 2011 – Update On Changes