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Audio Collection of 100 Forward Steps Life Power Tips – Day 213


Log in below and listen to a collection of 100 of my life power tips on audio. More will be added to a future page with another 100 just like these. I have 365 of them to give to you, over time…

These audios are supposed to be taken lightly, with a grain of salt, and never to be taken super seriously. It is up to you, of course, how you want to perceive their contents.

Enjoying the life power tips, is far preferable than to see these as a literal collection of rules by which you must abide! Do not take too many of the ideas, literally.

Use the content of these audios as your springboard to fresh ideas, inspiration, motivation and new projects for yourself. Each day’s messages and tools can trigger brand new thoughts.

It’s a great collection and you can hop between them as you please. Whenever you need a catalyst for inspired activity, just revisit and click on a couple of the audios to shed some new light on projects you’re dealing with at the time.

There is also one long audio of all 100, directly one after the other and separated with a brief silence either side of a Chinese Hand Bell. That website with the link to the bell, has a few other resources on the page that you might like. 🙂

Here is a brief sample of 20 of the audios on the one player.

All 100 Forward Steps on individual audios and the player with all 100 on a 1-hour long recording, are only available to paid Members.

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