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Subconscious Mind Power – Day 185


Take time for your imaginative, subconscious mind power. After all, the hands can’t have what the mind can’t see…

The power of the mind to influence the body is quite remarkable. Imagery can be helpful in 90 percent of the problems that people bring to their doctors or counselors. Images are the most fundamental language we have. Everything you do, the mind processes through images. When we recall events from our past, it is hardly ever through words.

Images may not be limited to visual. We can include sounds, tastes, smells or a combination of those sensations. In fact incorporating a combination of our senses with our visualizing is powerful.

Imagery is the language that the mind uses to communicate with the body. We do not talk to a damaged or ill part of our body and speak it away. Instead, we imagine the diseased part of our body healing or shrinking away. Likewise, we do not speak to our future and tell it what to show up. We imagine our futures with images, feelings, smells and sounds.

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