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Who Am I? – Day 376


Early Sunday morning, I woke well before my alarm was set to wake me. I decided to turn on the television, not something I would ever usually choose to do first thing on a lovely sunny day. In fact, I don’t watch a lot of television and am selective about what I watch.

Last night, I had asked myself to wake with an idea for what to next share with you, that would really make a difference with you. I know now, why I felt compelled to turn on the television and switch to Channel 10 (my television usually alternates between ABC or SBS, and that’s when I have it on at all!) 🙂

What then caught my attention on screen, was a man who reminded me so much of my late father, in the way he spoke and the warmth from which he taught.

I do not belong to any church and do not belong to a religion, even though, as a young person I was raised in the Dutch Reformed Church.

I invite you to remove any “filters” through which you might usually listen (or not listen), and really hear the message of this wonderful talk. After you have heard it, contemplate what might be the core from which you live your life. Then ask yourself, “Who am I?”.

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. -Robert Frost

It was quite some years ago when I really asked myself that question. I asked to truly know who I am, if I was not my house, my career, the things that I do etc. Within 6 months, I sold my home, stepped away from my career, moved interstate, and began to recreate my life and redesign my life. I recognized how much of my life had been structured around what others thought might be good for me or, based on expectations of friends, society & family.

“Wealth isn’t how much money you have. It is what you are left with if you lose all your money.” -Roger Hamilton

How about you? Are you living a life by design? Is it your design or someone else’s? Revisit my 50 Questions and review your personal responses or, try some of these Self Reflection Exercises (only able to be accessed by Members). I suggest doing those after watching this video and after reading the rest of my information, as it will give you a more clear intention for the exercises…