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Out Of 2010 Into 2011 And Other New Years! – Day 425


The December holiday season and lead up to a new year, is a strange period that has us consciously looking into the next twelve months. We can use the same tools and strategies for recreating or lives and goals, at any time of the year, not only during December and January.

However, there is a nice kind of synergy floating around when we share the process with other people, almost in unison. What’s the difference at this time of year, to others? It’s the fact that we have so many people around us who are aligned on a similar focus. It creates a wonderful energy, a wave on which we can all ride to get us in momentum on the things we would like to change.

Today I want to introduce you to, and remind you of, a few tools and articles that are available to you at this time of transition, from one year into the next. It is worth leveraging on the energy around us, with lots of friends and colleagues all in a mind space of renewal.

As well as exercises and tools for the new year and personal resolutions or reflection, I’ll include any Christmas pages that I have also. This could then be a page we can return to each year during the December festive season.

A few of these I had already included at My Forward Steps, yet this is a great time to bring some of these to the fore. As well as other great resources related to New Year. I also included three programs by Gary Ryan Blair (The Goals Guy) because they hit the nail on the head with planning your New Year and they’re such easy to implement programs.

Once you’ve logged in, just click on any of he images below and explore.