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Ideas About Marketing – Day 467

There are a mix of Members at My Forward Steps and I know that several of you are here because you have your own online businesses, or physical businesses with an online presence.That is why I love to incorporate membership pages that support business growth, or give you alternative ways to think about how to grow your business. At My Forward Steps I also like to mix in content that is related to website tips and internet tools that support you getting your message out to others.

I found some excellent training videos that I know you will find very beneficial in your own business. These three videos will also have underneath each one, an image shot of the content about which is spoken. That’s a reference and a great way to recall the information.

Log In and enjoy this brilliant content. Even if you do not have a business, you may very well hear some “gold” for your own life and some piece of information or a way of thinking, that completely shifts a current situation in your home, leisure or work life. Listen for that! 🙂

I recommend after viewing, that you take at least three actions, one extracted from each video, based on the information given in each of the three teaching videos. Even if it is not a direct action suggested within the video content, it might be an action based on an idea or thought that came to light and was triggered by the lessons and marketing information.