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Internet, Web And Online Business Tools – Day 66


My personal collection of favorite, and most often used internet and online business tools will be listed here. This list of my web tools is relatively random in selection, other than perhaps the top few.

With each tool, I will indicate whether it is a tool that I use currently, one that I have used in the past, one I use intermittently, or one that I have tried out and like the look of it, however not yet using personally because I may not have a need for it yet, or ever. The latter may be a tool that you might find useful.

Some of the listed resources were ones that had helped me earlier in my business, and from which I have transitioned into other and perhaps more upgraded versions from other sources.

There are so many things I can list here and I’ll return to include more at a later stage, as with all my posts at My Forward Steps. My first priority is getting ahead with several posts so that I can return to the older ones and add more content for you. It’s not happening fast, however it is happening! 🙂

I will be using my affiliate link for several of these recommendations, so I will be receiving some benefit by presenting these to you. I would have recommended them to you, regardless because they are tools that I use and love. I’d be silly not to put them out with my partner link, when there is one available for me to use. Write to me if you have questions about any of these, I’d be happy to help.

That brings me to a tool that I use and that I will not place behind the Member screen. This one’s available to you all…
Firstly, listen to this important webinar with Jim Edwards and Mr. Rich Cleland (Assistant Deputy at The Federal Trade Commission) in which they clarify new internet marketing, blogging & affiliate Advertising Guidelines. A tool that I use and which you will also appreciate, is at this Disclosure Policy site. I use that at my Privacy Policy page.

If you have any questions about any of these, or you have a question about a tool that you don’t see here then just use the Contact tab [above], to get in touch with me. There are also a few more great ideas you can read in my responses to questions at the Member’s Q & A

I have divided up all the tools into sections, using this legend. Just click on their link to see that group of online tools. You will need to be a Member for 66 days, and logged in to see these:

CURRENT – Still using this collection of tools for my business today, and use them often.
PAST – These are tools I have used earlier and now no longer use, however they are very good.
INTERMITTENT – Using the tools in this section only when needed, and not too often. Yet all are very useful.
TRIED – Had a bit of a tinker with these and liked them. Personally don’t yet need, or haven’t fully made use of these.
NOT TRIED – Liked the look of these, personally I haven’t yet needed to use them. Just sharing these with you.
FRIENDS – I’d recommended these to friends with online experience, and they used & loved it.

LOG IN to see my list of tools… I will only give a brief, one-liner to describe the purpose of these internet, web, and online business products. Just click on its link to be taken to their site and read the full information about their specific features. Remember, just write to me if you’re uncertain about anything here.

Later, at another location in this Member site, I’ll be creating some how-to videos for taking you through a few online tips and hints.