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Thea Westra’s PDF Files Collection – Day 136


It is quite amazing how many Portable Document Format (PDF) files we create or collect over time. I have a terrific collection and I am certain that I will also be collecting and creating many more PDF files in future.

This is the place where you will find me adding PDF’s that you may like to access because I found them useful for my online marketing, internet knowledge or because these documents carried inspiring content.

To download any of these documents, you will of course want a PDF reader such as this free reader provided by Adobe.

To begin with, I will just place documents randomly on the page, yet as the collection grows in size I will likely group them according to topic or keywords and add a menu for easy navigation.

If you have any PDF document files that would be terrific for sharing here, then please write to me and I’ll take a look. Please do make sure that there is no copyright on PDF files that you recommend for adding to my collection. You can also add a comment below and simply include a link to your recommended PDF within your comment.

You are most welcome to download any of the PDF files to your computer for your personal use. If you wish to recommend any to friends, let me know and perhaps it would be a good document to add to files that you can rebrand with your own affiliate links. I may be able to re-create it so that you can do that. I’ll only do that for documents that contain my own content.

Return here often to check for new additions. I’ll continue to build this collection for you over time.