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Self reflection exercises for personal clarity – Day 227


Self improvement, personal development, self growth, personal growth or self development (whatever term you want to attribute), can happen by accident and does occur just by participating in life and all its challenges. However, we are Members of this site and we explore many self growth resources on-line and off-line because we are looking to expand ourselves beyond that, and to have our happiness and life fulfillment not show up by happenstance.

We’re interested in self development because we do not want to leave the experiences of our lives to chance. We’re interested in being at cause in the matter of the legacy we leave and the satisfaction we experience once our candle burns out. To me, that makes you a hero! 🙂

There are plenty of examples of people with whom we share our places and spaces, who have no interest in personal expansion or growth. People who live their day to day lives purely at the effect at everything that shows up and who live each day to only ‘survive’ those situations and life.

I’m not trying to sound pompous by saying that. We are all great people and all loving souls. I’m simply wanting to personally pat YOU on the back, for being right here and for living your life beyond what’s right in front. You’re looking for what else is possible and asking yourself the “What if?” questions.

After you log in, you will see a growing collection of self exploration and self reflection exercises that could help with getting unstuck and moving forward with greater momentum, with getting yourself clear and gaining further clarity in your life journey, or these personal development exercises will help you with deliberate creation and design of more happy, fulfilled moments, days, weeks, months or years in your life and in the lives of the people surrounding you in your life.