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Try Your Luck With Random Triggers! – Day 304


Triggers was an online newsletter that I published for 7 years and held a huge amount of personal development content. It took hours to produce and collate, so it was only published once each month.

I don’t like to have all that wonderful self improvement content go to waste, and I’ve collected several random selections of the material from various newsletters. They are available to you after you log in.

Currently I have a collection of 96 random triggers that are in a series of emails sent to readers, one gift each 7-days. That’s more than a year and a half of weekly mail with a personal development trigger in each. Lucky for you that you’re a Member, you won’t need to wait that long. Your copies are all being presented in this one place.

The presentation is a little different to usual. I’ve displayed rows of images, with each image linked to a page. Click any random image and collect a surprise piece of content from a past Triggers ezine edition. Some content has been updated because a few sites that I published a while back were either no longer available, or outdated.


The content is still relevant today and this is a place you to which you can return time and time again. Visit whenever you want a pick me up, when you’re looking for an answer if you’re stuck, anytime you’re feeling in an explorer mood, when you simply feel like browsing, or those times you just feel like something new yet you’re not sure what!

DID YOU BUY ACCESS to this content? Then you also have access to these 365 Daily Forward Steps.

MEMBERS – this content is available on Day 304 of your Membership. It’ll be in your emails. 🙂 .

NON-MEMBERS – you too can have access to these by going to 365 Forward Steps Notes.

Enjoy this collection of 96 self development ideas, videos, audios, products, web sites, quotes, tips and tools.

Roll up, log in, click any image(s) and try your luck. You could liken this to a “Self Improvement Lucky Dip”!