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Live Chat With My Forward Steps Members – Day 1

I decided to include a live chat room, right here at My Forward Steps so that you can interact and chat live with each other.

I’m not yet making any promises about how often I might be dropping into this chat room. 🙂 I’m still a little busy with adding and moving over my content for you throughout the Member site! As well as creating videos and other resources, to support you and to include in your emails. You can see a few here that you’re welcome to share.

I suggest getting in touch with other Members by leaving a comment below, to set up a few times to meet that might suit other Members as well.

This My Forward Steps Room is now officially open, and I invite you all to introduce yourself once you’ve checked out how it works.

You’ll need to LOG IN below to join us. Needless to say, the usual rules for chat rooms apply, however I know I can trust this group, so have fun!