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Time For Review And Improvement – Day 241


Now that the Membership has been here for a while and you’ve had a bit of time to really experience the site and all the kinds of things that the My Forward Steps provides to you, it is time to get a few ideas and a little feedback so I can design the site to best fit your needs and wants. It’s time for review and improvement.

Once you log in you will see two sets of questions (Part 1 and Part 2), in the shape of a review survey that’s mainly multiple-choice.

Before I move forward with brand new content and many more resources for you, I would love to have your feedback with regard your experience of the Membership site to date.

Will you take time today for filling out the quick survey that I have posted here?

All Members, once they reach this stage of Membership, will be presented this survey. When a good proportion of Members have completed the survey, I will be able to take action on the valuable information and feedback that you provide to me.

This quick survey is a very important part of your Membership and it’s a place where you can really go to town and tell me all about possible changes and improvements that you would like to see from this point forward.

It is also possible for me to then return to earlier content and align everything much closer to your personal preferences.

Thank you so much for taking time to help with this very important review of the My Forward Steps Member site. 🙂

Log in and help make this Membership an even better place for you to visit! Plus, you get these great bonuses as my thank you…