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Productivity, Time Management And Being Organized – Day 313


Each of you will arrive at this page at various times of the year. Some of you might arrive on the first of January and others at the end of December.

No matter what time of the year you find this page, ask yourself this question… “I made a promise to myself to have/do ____________ by the end of this year. Today, am I any closer to the accomplishment of that?”

Many of us are excellent at moving forward and attaining the outcomes we seek, yet still far too many of us will reach the middle of a year and not achieve anything near to ten percent of what we set out to accomplish.

This is a page that’s designed to support you with productivity, time management and overcoming that challenge.

I assume of course, that because you are a Member at My Forward Steps that you are somebody who has an intention of completing a few large projects during your lifetime and who has some big dreams for your life and for the lives of those you love.

After you log in you will find a collection of tips for staying on track, for increasing productivity and for keeping your goals on priority one status for the year.

Many of these could have you jumping ahead in leaps and bounds toward your end goals for the year!

There are currently only two sets of sliders with 20 great resources for you. I will be back to add more.