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List Of Personal Development Blogs – Day 432


There are a few ways that this list of personal development blogs is a handy list for you. Firstly, the obvious one that these blogs provide fantastic content for you to read and from which to learn. Each time you revisit, a new topic will jump out at you. It will be the one most relevant in your life at that time.

Secondly, if you have your own website or blog related to the topics of self improvement, personal development, spiritual growth or inspiration and motivation, then these are excellent blogs at which to comment.

I may have spoken about commenting at blogs before, and how it is a terrific way to gain back links to your own sites. In turn, that helps your site’s credibility and demonstrates relevance of information. Google loves that and want visitors to find great information related to their search subject.

At this page I’ll be collecting some terrific self improvement and personal development blogs for you to explore, read and if you have your own spiritual growth site, these will also be great blogs at which to include your comments too.

You might like to read a couple of great articles about blog commenting, before you step out! Here are a few with which to begin…
1. http://www.lostartofblogging.com 2. http://dariablack.wordpress.com 3. http://lorelle.wordpress.com

Now, remember, that my main purpose for listing these blogs is for their excellent content and for supporting our personal growth. After all, leaders are readers! 🙂

I have used Dapper to collect the feeds for each of the blogs, about 10 titles per self improvement blog. That gives you a lot of topics to skim through each time you log in. Plus, the titles change as each syndicated feed is automatically updated for each blog. You’ll see their most recent 10 personal development blog posts. There’s even a feed included for My Forward Steps!